The research projects and entrepreneurial works already done:

1. Manufacturing of supercritical fluid extraction instrument. Only a high-pressure pump and electronic back pressure regulator are purchased and the system is designed and assembled. 2. Production of p-toluene sulfonic acid and sodium toluene sulfonate at the tonnage scale 3. Processing of bentonite as filler and softener for the detergent industry at the industrial scale 4. Production of ethylene glycol monoacetate and ethylene glycol diacetate as fuel additives at the pilot scale in a continuous system using waste ethylene glycol. 5. Production of colored granules for the detergent industry at the pilot and then industrial scale 6. Synthesis of acetins from bioglycerol at the lab and pilot scale as a green fuel additive
7. Production of Sodium carbonate, bicarbonate and etc. from Playa brine of Khoor & Biyabanak at the lab scale as a CO2 conversion method 8. Softening of reverse-osmosis rejects water at the pilot scale for recovery of water and salts (i.e. Sodium carbonate and bicarbonate and etc.) as a CO2 conversion method 9. Production of anti-acidosis products for cows at the pilot and industrial scale 10. Production of cat litter at the tonnage scale 11. Pressurized hot water extraction of benzoic acid and phthalic anhydride from petrochemical wastes using a modified supercritical fluid extractor 12. Synthesis of solketalacetin at the lab scale as a green fuel additive from bioglycerol 13. Production of glucosamine at the pilot scale from shrimp waste and fish scale. 14. Production of sulfur dioxide, zinc dithionite, and sodium dithionite at the lab scale (in progress)